SportCampTravel Terms and Conditions


SportCampTravel, LLC hereinafter referred to as "Contractor ", and the "Customer”, together referred to as the Parties have concluded Agreement as follows:




SportCampTravel is to provide advisory services on the selection of sports camps, registration of the selected program, the provision of an invitation from the camp for the visa (if required), consulting support for the participant during their stay in the camp, and provide additional services at the request of the customer.




2.2 The Contractor undertakes to explain the general provisions of the camp to the participant Participant contained in Annex 1 of the Agreement. Member agrees to follow these general provisions. Customer is solely responsible for the violation of one of the Parties to the general provisions.


2.3  Customer agrees to transfer to the Contractor the following documents:

- One medical certificate for each participant, dated no later than one (1) month;

- One of a duly filled and signed by the parties on the registration form for each participant and parental permission to stay in the camp.

-A copy of one page of the passport of the participant.



Upon confirmation of booking and invoicing camp, the Customer shall pay the Contractor the total amount of the camp, for the course of the selected program, or may choose to pay the academy directly.

Payment is made by transferring funds to the account of the Contractor at the exchange rate on the date of invoice plus 3% or by PayPal.



4.1 Contractor shall be responsible for fulfilling the obligations under this Agreement, and for the preservation of confidential data and the Customer Party, became known to him in connection with the performance of the Contract.

4.2  Contractor shall not be liable for any violations and actions that do not fall within its competence , namely action Carriers (change, cancel, transfer, delayed flights, trains, buses, etc.) for the retention, loss, damage or theft of baggage, cargo, valuables and documents of the Customer for the duration of a trip (in these cases the responsibility of transport companies - carriers in accordance with international rules and [United States of America] law ) for the actions of insurance companies , the effect of customs and immigration officials for violation of customs and the Customer border formalities , rules of travel and baggage , as well as violations of specific rules of behavior in the country of temporary residence , etc., in the absence of the Customer decorated passports by the time of travel, the relevant instruments governing the export of children for the authenticity and accuracy of documents (accuracy of information contained therein), which provided for the Contractor Customer visa support, for inaccuracy, insufficiency, and (or) the timeliness of providing customers with information and documents necessary for the execution of the Contract.

4.3 Other measures of responsibility of the parties for failure to perform its obligations under this Agreement are determined by the general rules of the Civil Code.



6.1 Annex number 1 are an integral part of this Treaty.




ANNEX Number 1 to the Agreement 



All registration forms must be submitted no later than one month before the start of the selected program, the program also needs to be paid in full no later than one month before the start of the selected program. In cases of incomplete registration form, the program will be canceled due to the fault party and the prepayment will not be refunded.


Note: not fully completed registration forms will not be considered.


3 . On the first day of the program participant must bring a medical certificate from a doctor for admission to training for football , dated no later than 15 days ago , and confirming that the participant does not have infectious diseases.



- All cancellations must be made with a letter, in writing

- For cancellations made ​​up to one month before the program: the total compensation paid minus the cost of prepayment.

- For cancellations between one month and fifteen days prior to the program: held 75 percent of the total cost in favor of the organizer.

- If you cancel less than fifteen days prior to the program: held 100 percent of the total cost.

- In case of cancellation for medical reasons prior to arriving at the camp (justified by a medical certificate) party fully reimburses the cost paid, regardless of the date of cancellation.


Internal procedural rules and regulations

Participant must participate in sports adhering norms. To participate in sports activities, the participant must comply with certain rules of hygiene and rules of everyday life, including such as nutrition, sufficient hours in the sun, and the restriction of smoking.

In addition , the organizer recalls that alcohol is prohibited, as well as non-smoking in public places and in places relevant to the program. Organizer ensures that attempts to prevent the sale or consumption of poisonous substances like drugs during the program. In addition, the organizer controls departures participants for campus chapels . Minors must comply with the order of the day and daily rules center.

Any disagreement with these regulations will be brought to the attention of a parent or guardian , and depending on the severity of the offense in cases guaranteeing immediate departure , the participant will be returned home organizer.

Parents or legal guardians are responsible party for any costs incurred to this case , the price is not refundable.

By registering a minor in a sport camp , parents, guardians , or legal successors take their fulfillment of civil responsibility and submit them interests. Organizer reduces all liability for the acts of vandalism, voluntary destruction or theft-transferred party during their stay. Organizer releases from all liability in case of theft or damage to objects that have not been put under his custody.

During the entire duration of the program participant is under constant surveillance by the organizer.

The organizer accepts his authority on the first day of arrival and ends their party at the end of last day of the participant (except early departure).



During the program

- If during the program injury or illness interrupts the participant’s stay in the camp, the camp physician will evaluate the player and if player is not deemed fit to train, no participant refund will be issued.

- If a participant decides to leave the camp at will (without a medical doctor's conclusions), the payment is not refundable. Organizer reserves the right not to release a minor party from the camp, without the written consent of the parent or legal guardian.


End of the Program

Parents or guardians may not pick up participants until the end of the last day of the program after obtaining permission from the organizers.



The camp does not cover civil liability for any damages incurred as a participant or others.

All cases and / or incidents that have occurred since the participants are not due to negligence or not as a result of misconduct by persons belonging to the academy or camp, personal insurance covered Participant.






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